Rebalancing meint das Auflösen von Blockaden, um wieder die ganze Lebensfülle genießen zu können.

Experience-Workshop Mindfulness

This Mindfulness-Workshop will be conducted in English.

Introduction to the experience "Mindfulness". Mindfulness makes one aware of what is inside and outside, here and now. Mindfulness happens without intension, without willpower. It is a completely relaxed and at the same time completely clear, absolutely conscious way of being - free of urge, of explaining, ordering, affecting or trying to achieve something. Mindfulness is pure presence.

The answer to our needs in a world of work characterized by increasing demands for performance and high flexibility. In this courses we will experience the psychological process of mindfulness to draw attention to the inner and outer experiences that are occurring in the present moment. The practice of meditation and other exercises from different mindfulness schools takes us on our conscious way of being.

In these weekly courses (8 x 80 minutes) we will be mindful. Different methods and exercises guide our attention to the energy of the moment. Through this we sense the pure perception of the specific energy of the luminous present.

Course content:

  • Meditation (sitting, on the move, walking meditation)
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction
  • Rutuals of rest (retreat opportunities)
  • Accept what is
  • Perception of beauty hidden in all beings
  • Feel breath (body sensation)
  • To become aware of oneself and to rediscover oneself over and over again




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